Born and raised in Dumas, Arkansas, Susan Williams is a graduate of the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville where she studied Art, Interior Design and related subjects. Susan has taught high school art in the Little Rock School District for eight years. She furthered her professional training with two of the most recognized sculptors of recent times – EvAngelos Fudakis of Colorado and Marine Vaugel of France. Exposure to these giants coupled with her enormous talents gave birth to her manifest destiny – to be a professional sculptor. Here, she has found an excellent medium to create for perpetuity – art of the immortal, sculpture in the bronze.

The 1500’s sculptural iconography of Michelangelo, still mortalized, is worthy of note. So is the 2006 birth of a 21st Century peal of sculpture – Susan Williams. His was sculpture with architecture and painting. Hers is sculpture with interior design and form. Such was the premise for her selection as one of the professionals for the Interior Design of the Clinton Presidential Library and Foundation Building, for which she is credited with the design infrastructure of the former president’s personal office space.

It is in the state of Arkansas that many have come of age to appreciate the enormity of her talents and her passionate and rigorous commitment to one of the most challenging creative mediums – sculpting in Bronze. She has silently voiced with dynamism _expression and executed them with striking force and silent beauty. Her aim is to illuminate the importance of heritage, but above all, the beauty inherent in African Americans and the cultural experience of the diasbra. Her subjects include in whole –
  • Religious & Negro Spiritual Themes – Just As I Am – The Journey

  • Polemic features such as Body Work & Her Majesty

  • She has also created Historic subtopics – Provenance & The Temple

  • As well as Social Commentaries – All That & Spa Day

  • This pursuit of excellence and her commitment to civics has earned her memberships on numerous Boards of Directors. Notably, the Arkansas Art Center, The Tidwell Dance Project, and an Auxiliary Member for the Arkansas Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association (AMDPA).

    In 2008 Ms. Williams has been selected as one of the artist in the 14th annual African American Art Exhibition in Louisville Kentucky-February 1st -24th. She is also exhibting at Hampton University in Hampton Virginia as a part of the new power generation January-June 2008 Exhibit.

    It took a Chicago pearl to introduce Susan Williams to the Akainyah Gallery – Juanita Jordan. On her behalf, we are extremely delighted to introduce Susan to all of you and to the city of Chicago.

    By: Samuel Akainyah
    President, Akainyah Gallery
    Artist & Curator

    Sculpture in ancient times.
    Sculpture as an art form goes back to Prehistoric times. Most Stone Age statuettes were made of ivory or soft stone, however some clay human and animal figures have been found. Small female statues known as Venus figurines have been found mainly in central Europe. The Venus of Willendorf (24,000-22,000 BCE), from the area of Willendorf, Austria, is a well-known example.

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