I would like to introduce my art as well as explore the world of a sculpture. Sculpture is the act and art of making three-dimensional works of art such as statues. A statue is an image such as a person or animal that is sculpted in a solid substance. Most of my art deals with African Art and human bodies. Sculptors use many different materials in their work such as stone, bronze, clay, iron, steel and so on.
Sculptures are often thematic on topics such as wildlife, religion, tradition, or fun. As mentioned previously my theme deals with humans. New technologies are used to create interesting artwork that includes computers, holograms, and light. Wonderful examples of sculpture can be found throughout the world. Sculpture has been an important part of culture since ancient times. Four processes are used in sculpture including subtraction, substitution, addition, and manipulation.

Artist Statement I am a sculptor who is fascinated with the human form, whether it presents realistically or in abstraction. Sculpting is a way of registering my thoughts which overhelmingly illuminate my heritage, religion, and the inner beauty of people. I love the feel of clay in my hands, creating beautiful forms and when having these experiences sealed with the permanence of bronze.

Sculpture, like other arts, is a record of human experience. From earliest times to our own day, sculpture records experiences that range from wars and worship to the simplest joys of seeing and touching suspended shapes designed to move in the wind. In sculpture there is everything from the marble gods of Phidias to the mobiles by Alexander Calder. People everywhere have found the need for sculpture, whether it be in work, in play, or in prayer. Sculpture also records the desire to commemorate the deeds of nations and of individuals.

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